Sister Duong Thi Nhan
Tel: (848) 8926386

Feeding paralysed children, victims affected by
the orange chemical.
Lo 6 - An Nhon Tay Village
Cu Chi District
Ho Chi Minh City

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Thien Phuoc Center

The Committee of Charity

Picture Duy Son
The sisters at Thien Phuoc care for abandoned or orphaned children, helping and relieving the effects of chemical poisoning, as well as educating them.
Because of poverty, poor children that are unable to nourish themselves feed mostly on mice. These mice have been contaminated within the 2 hectors of the Cu Chi district, and is relied upon, by approximately 100 children, as the main source of their diet.
The scenery at Thien Phuoc is very unique with a wonderful and fresh air quality, which helps with the treatment and rest of the children. The sisters at the centre are gentle and caring, and with the appropriate setting for a centre, the people who have taken up residence at the centre are happy and pleased with way they have been tended to. We can say that Thien Phuoc is the congregation of charity.
The people there are compassionate for the disabled children from the war. Thien Phuoc puts aside differences making children able to live together freely without worrying about themselves physically.
The dreadful use of the orange poison by the American army during the Vietnam War has lead to devastating consequences, which effects has now become a huge problem. This becomes an eventual pain for families, which in the end is relieved by the mutual care of all. The establishment of Thien Phuoc definitely helps to console and relieve the pains of those who were poisoned. To achieve the goal of helping these people, Thien Phuoc needs the hands of compassion from all who can help.

(Compassion magazine)