Sister Duong Thi Nhan
Tel: (848) 8926386

Feeding paralysed children, victims affected by
the orange chemical.
Lo 6 - An Nhon Tay Village
Cu Chi District
Ho Chi Minh City

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Thien Phuoc is an organization which cares and supports disabled children. Thien Phuoc was established in the community of West An Nhon, in the Cu Chi district, which is also a branch of the United Catholic Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.
Under the Act 8128 QD/UB/UX passed in 30/12/1999, by the people’s committee of Ho Chi Minh City, it was decided that the organization should be established. This organization was self-sufficient in its expense, however, it also received financial support from other associations interstate and internationally.
hien Phuoc is responsible for: Taking in, feeding, teaching, and treating handicapped children and those with infectious diseases and illness. There are also children, from newborn infants to 12 year olds, that are infected with poison that have been accepted into Thien Phuoc’s care, as well as orphans and those that are too poor for medication.

(Compassion magazine)

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