Thuan An Eucation Center

Students and Nuns in the School Yard
for Disabled Children in Binh Duong province (Lai Thieu) , Viet Nam, is a boarding school for hearing impaired children. We currently have over 300 children in residence, ranging in age from 5 to 20 years old.

Thuan An Center is also known more commonly by local people as the "Lai Thieu Hearing Impaired School". For over 100 years, and for many, many generations of hearing impaired, our school has provided education and assistance. Thus, in Viet Nam, we are known as the cradle of this sort of training and assistance.

Widely recognized from 1994 to the present for our achievements,

Vocational Training
we have been sponsored by Caritas along with help from the Binh Duong Teachers College. The center in 1994 began providing courses for primary school teachers who wished to teach children with hearing disabilities.

Currently, the center is training 55 teachers who will graduate with a college and bachelor’s degree in education for the disabled. Once graduated, these teachers will serve throughout Southern Vietnam teaching the hearing impaired.

The center is also cooperating with the Special Education Department of the Teachers Training University in providing a specialized course for teaching those with hearing difficulties.
In the years 2000-2004, this department is training, or has trained, 27 full-time students who will graduate with a bachelor’s of education for the disabled.