Hearing impaired people undergo many challenges

Adjusting a Hearing Aid
and much suffering as a result of not being able to communicate their ideas and feelings with others, leaving them isolated and lonely.

Education Class

Their personal talents cannot be developed and often go unrecognized making it difficult for them to achieve an independent and successful life as adults.

The school for hearing impaired children of Lai Thieu attempts to help these persons recover lost hearing when possible and bridge the areas in which they struggle when not.

An Embroidery Class

For children, we provide a general education up to the fifth form of school, and nuns from Saint Paul’s offer training in handicraft trades so that the children will be self sufficient as adults and so

Graduation Ceremonies
that they can assist with helping their families.

Thuan An Center is also a teacher training center for teachers wishing to specialize in teaching hearing impaired children all over Southern Vietnam.

      Dear Friends,
Thank God that we are without disabilities so why not share our happiness and talents with those children who do have them.
Hearing impaired children need our help in order to recover from their hearing losses and to learn a trade which will lead to independent living.

Our center hopes very much to have the support of domestic and foreign individuals and corporations in order to have sufficient facilities and staff to achieve those goals.

Thank You,
Thuan An Center