General Education Classes

The center now has 22 general education classes for different aged children.

First day at school
There are 11 special preparatory classes, 1 kindergarten class, and 10 primary classes. The children are assigned to them as follows:

- Kindergarten is for five and six year olds.
- Kindergarten is followed by preparatory classes where   children seven and older receive specialized training which   allows them to go on to primary school, in form one through five. Class size is generally nine to twelve children.

Practical class

For a variety of reasons, the center only admits children who are over 5 years old. Children under five need special care from their families, and, the center lacks the facilities to satisfy the needs of very young children.
However, in special circumstances when a very young child has been discovered to be with disabilities we can admit them, even as young as those under three.

An example of this would be Duong Thi Thuy Duong

One of Our Nuns Teaching Class
who was discovered by our nuns to have needs we could assist with, and who was admitted at the age of two and a half. The wonderful result of this early intervention is that she now has better development of languages than that of her peers.

Since the establishment of the center we have brought up and educated six thousand hearing impaired children.
Our dream and hope is that in the future that all disabled children in Vietnam will one day soon be able to be treated at an early age, such as happens with children in developed nations around the world.