Teacher Training

The aim of the center is to educate hearing impaired children and to train them in a trade that will allow them to join society and lead an independent life. To achieve that goal we need the care and help of families, society-at-large, and foreign individuals and associations.

From 1991 onwards, with the sponsorship of Caritas, and the cooperation of the Binh Duong Teacher’s Training College, the center has offered courses to train teachers in remote areas of the country.
Below are some statistics on those trained:

Opening of class
Currently, as shown above, the center has 55 teachers studying towards a bachelor’s degree in disabled education. When completed they will go on to careers in schools for the hearing impaired around the Southern areas of Viet Nam.

At the same time, the center is cooperating with the Special Education Department of the Teacher’s Training University in order to train their students. That department currently has 27 students in it.

The chief problem we face is that Caritas of Switzerland is only able to offer sponsorship until 2005. This means that when the fifth year of courses completes that the center will, with very limited funds, have to train the remaining and future teachers with its own funds. Certainly, Viet Nam faces a most serious shortage of teachers for deaf children and we must find resources to continue educating new students for the future.