Priest Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy
Tel: (848) 8855002

Help those with leprosy, poor, disabled...
Nunnery Dac Lo
97 Truong Chinh
12. Ward - Tan Binh district
T.P Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

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Our activity's Pictures part 2
Part 2 as from 2002

On 17.08.2002 Nourishment and fostering of abandoned children (new born babies) by nuns at the orphanage in Thien Binh in the Long Thanh District.

On 17.08.2002 (First day of school) Father Quy gave educational scholarships to children at the orphanage in Thien Binh in the province Long Thanh.

On 17.08. 2002 Donation and support from the ‘Who are my brothers?’ program used towards cement tubes for the well and payment for construction workers.

On 17.08.2002 (during first day of school in the new year), gave scholarships to children whose parents are diagnosed with leprosy, in the leper’s camp ‘ Thien Tro’, in Phuoc Tan.

On the 17.08.2002, Father Quy took a picture with an frail leper and a nun in the Thien Tro, in Phuoc Tan District.