Priest Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy
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Help those with leprosy, poor, disabled...
Nunnery Dac Lo
97 Truong Chinh
12. Ward - Tan Binh district
T.P Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

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Public letter at the Easter 2002

    Dear Benefactor and sponsor.

In the memorial national day of Leprosy, we keep in mind those with leprosy with all our heart and commiserate. However, we do not pity those the victim of this disease but show deep compassion from the bottom of our heart. As they experience the feeling of isolation, without friends.
We hope that you will help us in the "Who are my brothers ? " and "Compassion account" program. This will also help people suffering Leprosy.
Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those whom have assisted in taking action to help the people suffering Leprosy in Vietnam.
By taking such action to alleviate the suffering of others in the world, the rewards will meet you in life.
Best Regards
Fr. Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy