Priest Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy
Tel: (848) 8855002

Help those with leprosy, poor, disabled...
Nunnery Dac Lo
97 Truong Chinh
12. Ward - Tan Binh district
T.P Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

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Who is my brother Program
The program ‘Who is my brother’ (Luke:10-29) and ‘Compassion’ account
assists disabled, handicapped, orphaned and leprosy people, as well as many others.

Dear kind-hearted friends,
"What comes around, goes around."

In the past time, you have encourage and supported the ‘Who is my brother’ program, during some financial problems of unfortunate families. Especially children with an education. This is the reason why we developed a funding specially for orphaned children and indigenous children.
Almost all the children have a poverty related background. The parents of these children are poor and are in poor health. Though, there are still many children who do not have the privilege to go to school and the chance to develop friendships. Therefore, this program supports such children.
For the future years, with all your heart please support the children in need by donating generously, to grant the children the chance to have an education.
We would like to thank-you and wish you and your family peace, happiness and wealth.
In representing this program.
Fr. Nguyen Ba Quy
SOS: Please save the children