Priest Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy
Tel: (848) 8855002

Help those with leprosy, poor, disabled...
Nunnery Dac Lo
97 Truong Chinh
12. Ward - Tan Binh district
T.P Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

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The Opening Letter
Program " Who Are My Neighbors? " (Luke 10, 29) is a charitable program helping some of lepers,
handicapped, orphans, and the poor in Vietnam regardless of their religions or origins

    To: the Donors, the Benefactors

original Letter
    Dear all of you,

First, we sincerely thank the benefactors who have contributed generously both in money and time to help the orphans, the blinds, the paralytics, and especially the leprosy patients in our native land. With your help, we are able to extend our charity activities which include visiting and donating food and medicine to these unfortunate brothers and sisters. So far we have visited 13 leprosy camps in the North Region, 9 in the South Region, 6 in the Middle Region, and 22 camps/villages in the High Land (Kontum, Gialai, Daklak, and Lam Dong provinces).

There are approximately 12,000 leprosy patients in High Land alone, most of them are poor and uneducated ethnic minorities. Help is badly needed for these patients, as well as for children and other disable mentioned above.
Now, we invite you to participle in the program " Who Are My Neighbors? " (Lc 10, 29). This program focuses on:
  1. Visit, comfort, and donate goods and help these patients and disabled.
  2. Implement projects for the unfortunates to generate income to help to improve their living. Examples include small, agriculture projects, craft shops, ect...
  3. Help the kids to learn, to read and write as well as to learn employable skills so they can be confident and independent in the society.
Please forward your donations to the Account Of Loving
(Street address: Rev. Vincent Nguyễn Bá Quý, Ðắc Lộ Catholic Church, 97 Truong Chinh St., P.12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City "Sai Gon", Viet Nam.)
Phone; 84-8-8855002; e-mail:
Your names will be entered to the Gold Book, and there will be mass held monthly to pray for you and your families.

Again, thank you for your good hearts generosity. May god bless you all.

Director of program " Who Are My Neighbors? "
Rev. Vincent Nguyen Ba Quy

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