Sister Tue Linh
Tel: (848) 8926135

Feeding people with AIDS
in the last period of their lives.
Lo 6 - An Nhon Tay Village
Cu Chi District
Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

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The last resort for the people with AIDS

Today, in Ho Chi Minh City, there are 7800 people suffering HIV/AIDS. Amongst them, 2800 people have developed to AIDS. 1000 people have now ceased.
The problem facing those with AIDS, is the fact that there is not enough people to take care of AIDS victims during the last period of their life. Almost, all these people have been abandoned by their family.

The Canada Consulate supported the funding to build an extra of two more barracks.
This will help more AIDS sufferers, as there hadn’t been enough room to receive more patients.
The care and love for the sufferers is vastly visible, even when they have passed away. When they do pass away, the remains are burnt.
The sister is held for responsibility to take care of the ashes and ensure that it remains in good hands. The building was built up and supported by many sources, as a support from The Vincent Convent in France, The Vincent charity organization in America, The Benevolentia in Holland, The Catholic in Germany and the Hong Bang Volunteer Group.

Picture: N.Huu
Visit the AIDS sufferers in their last period
With the insufficient supply of beds, there is not enough to supply the increase of AIDS sufferers. This is the consolation for depressed people, whom were abandoned by their relatives. Patients live a good life in this center. Patients are not treated differently and are treated as individuals, helping to build self esteem. Sister Tue Linh talkedto the visitors on the Open Day:"educating them to treat AIDS sufferers with respect and not differently to other people as well as teaching that AIDS is not contagious. Sister Linh also talked about those with AIDS need all the support and encouragement from their families as well as other issues. "

Don’t Let Them
Die Alone

"We can say that the Mai Hoa center is essential for people suffering AIDS. However, to reduce the cost of running the center, the families and the community help make the center the best in caring for AIDS sufferers, in their last moments of life." This is the comment of Dr. Nguyen Huu Luyen. The center has opened a network dedicated to those with AIDS, in hope to be able to link and share the experience of alleviating the sufferings. Also there is a counselor for those families whose member is a victim, to help educate and ways to prevent spreading the disease.
Mr Thuy, a volunteer speaks about his personal experience, "There are many sufferers in the last stage of AIDS. They feel alone and isolated as ever. This has affected them spiritually and physically. Their families ignore them, as being scared of being infected by the disease. By being cared for by a volunteer, the sufferers become very emotional.". Ms. Truong Hong Tam, another volunteer says, "Watching the sufferers die without homes and die along the coldness of a quiet corner of the street, where no-one notices. I wonder whether they think just before they die about their warm comforting homes and family before casting them out along the streets. "
Author: TRIET - BINH

The first house is reserved
for people with AIDS.

   This is a vast building located in the middle of a big allotment at An Nhon district, Cu Chi – Ho Chi Minh City. The building is initially established so that people with AIDS can spend their last moments of their life there.
On the opening of the building, the attendees were overwhelmed at the fact that the sisters and the blue uniform gave a warm welcoming. The head sister gave a tour of the building to the attendees, introducing each department.
picture: Minh Triet
Mai Hoa Center on the inauguration day

In the bed with a new pillow and blanket lays Mr. Bao. Mr. Bao is a patient at the center. He watches with sadness at the visitors who come and go, visiting the other patients. Solemnly, this is because Mr. Bao has no relatives left and is homeless.
Mr. Bao has been transferred from Pham Thach Hospital. A sister is currently caring him. This has proved beneficial, as within a few days he has eaten better and gained more weight. Though, only 23, he is happy to live here, as he is treated with respect and is cared for. There are two barracks, including 12 beds.